Weeds are plants that grow in unwanted places like lawns, parks, and gardens. Weed control is the process of eliminating weeds. There are different methods of controlling weeds, depending on the growth habit of the weed. The life habit of weeds is what determines whether they are annual weeds or perennial weeds. Annual weeds usually germinate from the seeds dropped in the previous growing time of year, while perennial weeds usually re-germinate from previously established roots, seeds, tubers and many more.

Lake weeds are weeds that grow in the lakes like the water hyacinth, and they cause harm to the aquatic environment. Lake weeds lessen the amount of water in the lakes, interfering with electric production, interferes with fish production, destroys the aesthetic value of the lake and creates a habitat for mosquitoes and this leads to the spread of malaria. Lake weeds reduce fish production in the lakes by, reducing the levels of oxygen in the lakes. Even though, excessive weed growth and acts as a cover for fish, it also disrupts fish harvesting. The two major types of lake weeds and they are; algae and hydrophytes.

Considering the negative effects of aquatic weeds, removal of weeds in lakes is very important. Removal of weeds in lakes can improve the availability of water to users. There are two major techniques of managing weeds, and they are; preventative approaches and control. Weed control can be described as the process of managing weeds, to prevent them from causing economic harm. The four major methods of managing lake weeds are; physical methods, biological methods, chemical methods and cultural methods. Complete eradication of weeds is almost impossible, but you can prevent them from infesting more areas. If prevention fails to work, you can then try to eradicate them.

Mechanical control of aquatic weeds usually involves removing the weeds physically or using physical power to directly or indirectly prevent the growth of aquatic weeds. This can be achieved manually or using hand equipment from weedrazers.com. You may also create environmental conditions that may prevent the growth of weeds. There are many reasons showing why you should consider using mechanical methods of controlling weeds. Some of these reasons are; it makes use of the available manpower resources, it does not pollute the environment, and it gives better results. Another advantage of mechanical methods of weed control is that it lowers huge nutrients of some water bodies and this helps in destroying future weed population. You can also remove lake weeds by using weed razors and lake rakes from weedrazers.com.

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